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600Breezy - 24 Bars Part 2 lyrics

[Verse: 600Breezy]
I'm still in the cut with the mop
Ain't a damn thing changed, you can get your a** sparked
Since a n***a rap now, they think I got a change of heart
Tryna drive on me and get your whole team parked n***a
24 bars, b**h I'm back around
We shoot up n***as blocks then come back around
We really smoking sh**, nah we ain't jacking clown
Tecs with the cooler kit, glizzy, we keep them Macs around
b**h we love that clapping sound, we teed up, so we clapped them down
We still got poles so don't tweak
Team 600 on these blocks yeah my n***as play these streets
Something like Udonis Haslem I'll never leave my heat
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We want war f** the peace
600 bucking heats
Without guns p**y n***as get defeat
Prepare for the defeat
Cause I sh** hot, hit a rap n***a and his body make his hip hop
Walk up clapping like ratchet b**h flip flops
I'm on some other sh**
Bars straight from the fire, yeah that's that oven sh**
b**h I'm too hot to handle go get your oven mitt
600 more than a gang, yeah them my brothers b**h
They say I talk this sh**
But we a get this b**h shaking like Parkinsons
Steve Drive, L'A Gang I'm a part of this
I gave y'all 24 bars, lil n***a that's it

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