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600Breezy - Guwop Flow (Iceman Edition sh**) lyrics

[Intro: 600Breezy]
Iceman edition sh**, baby
n***as already know how I'm rockin', n***a
Six-O sh**, baby, Six-O sh**, baby
Breezo George Gervin Iceman sh**

[Pre-Bridge x2: 600Breezy]
Iceman sh**, b**h, I'm George Gervin
Ridin' around and I'm servin'

[Bridge: 600Breezy]
That n***a, you heard me
My b**h, she so pretty
I'm drinkin' that dirty
This Glock holdin' thirty
b**h I score like George Gervin

[Verse 1]
Ridin' 'round town, I got yo' b**h with me
Might sell you a couple zips of this hickory
Want a couple verses? That's a hundred G's
And like some kids at dinner time, we be movin' P's
Feelin' really goofy off these Percys, jeez
Ruth's Chris sh**, ain't no Applebee's
Two cubans round my neck cost a hundred, G
And n***a, f** this rap sh**, b**h, I'm known to squeeze
600 sh**, I spit a hundred ki's
Pistols everywhere, we causin' murder scenes
Might take a selfie on some lightskin sh**
But every we club that we in, we get them pipes in, b**h!
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Iceman sh**, I don't give a f**
Ridin' around town with my .45, it ain't tucked
Balmain Jeans, me? A n***a that zip'em up

[Verse 2]
Breezo, whatcha doin'? b**h, I'm coolin' and boolin'
Hundred shots, dress 'em up, suit'em and boot'em
Crackhead hoe, b**h, you smokin' bags
I got 2 for 25, what you wanna grab?
Hit a f** n***a with a couple jabs
I used to stand on the 9 with a hundred bags
Rich n***a sh**, Ballys on my a**
A hundred racks in each pocket, I ain't trying to brag
All my ex-b**hes lookin' super sad
Go tell your dusty a** n***a go and chase a bag
I'm the best n***a b**h could've ever had
I'm eating hundred dollar steaks, I can't f** with strags
If you sneak diss me, n***a, that's yo' a**
Paparazzi sh**, b**h, I'm known to flash
Rappin' a** n***a wanna act like he Biggie
Inflate yo' fat a** with this hundred round semi, b**h!

Iceman sh**, b**h, I don't give a f**
Chiraq to PA to New York, my guns tucked
Lift this motherf**er, I'll fire this b**h up

This that Six-O sh**, n***a

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