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600Breezy - James Brown lyrics

That's my boy Surreal on the beat right there baby
They don't call me Breezo George Gervin for nothing
I got them diamonds dancing on me n***a
Diamonds dancing on me, James Brown
Haha, 6-0 sh** man

Diamonds dancing on me, James Brown
Retarded gun call it Atown
Load the choppa then we spray rounds
n***as know we don't play round'
Diamonds dancing on me, James Brown(x4)

[Verse 1]
Water homie, b**h im like the ocean
We just put your main b**h in motion
Smokin loud, hoe I got the potion
Pistols on us, we'll cause commotion
George Gervin, I'm the ice man
Burner on me give a nice tan
Racks on me, b**h i'm just saying
Im the player from the Himalayans
Charged up like a Super Saiyan
For that p**y, hoe I'm not paying
You ain't worth it b**h, im just saying
Up this gun, n***a start praying
Smack a hoe with a open hand
Diamonds looking like a broad day
And I got it all from selling Yay
Bags fat like Anime
Diamonds ice skating on my neck
Baby girl im playing with a check
6-0 sh** baby thats the set
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Pistol to ya if you disrespect
Shaq city, baby baldy world
George Gervin's what you call me girl
In these b**hes head like a curl
b**h you drunk like my Uncle Earl


[Verse 2]
Ice on me, b**h im slip and sliding
Front seat sh** im pistol riding
Shut your mouth hoe I know you're lying
Clutch this toaster boy, I know you frying
Pockets same size as a lion
X6 baby girl i'm gliding
Pipes in the whip, bronem sliding
OVO 6to6, we riding
I don't want your hoe, b**h it's iight
Jewelry on me that'll change the climate
Got them hoes like i'm Frankie Lymon
Came in the game, perfect timing
b**h im higher than an active pilot
Foenem drunk, we gon' start fighting
b**h you struck, you been hit by lightning
Off these pills we could get violent
Diamonds on me got your b**h excited
Pistol party, n***a you invited
Drop a 4 hoe, i'm dirty spriting
Where your hoe? Cuz I know she like me
Load the choppa we don't play round
Stupid sh** look like Atown
Diamonds dancing on me, James Brown
Diamonds dancing on me, James Brown


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