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600Breezy - Dreams lyrics

[Intro: 600Breezy]
Man n***as be worrying about what I'm doing
You need to go get you some f**ing money man
Team 600 man
Dreams worth more than money man
Free Meek Millz man, free 9, free 22
I been getting p**y
n***as they really need to go get some money man
I'm chasing that bag, man, that what this sh** about, man
Team 600 OTF sh** man
Long live LA man, I'm working man
You already know how I'm coming man
Six O
Let's get it

[Verse 1: 600Breezy]

Rondo and Cdai booked, they trying to give em life
Free the guys b**h we posted out here with them pipes
f** that Twitter beef, shorty you can die tonight
Guns on us b**h we don't fight, checkin' n***as like some knifes
My neck froze from all this ice, n***as know I'm cold I'm nights
I'm taking off don't need a flight, Forces whiter than some rice
OTF 600 sh**, that's the gang I'm rocking with
Goofy n***as talking sh**, we pistol popping talking sh**
These p**y n***as fanned out, rapping for some damn clout
But this sh** here is real, we'll bring them f**ing cans out
And boom boom what you saying now? We off them Xans
Ain't no fighting I'm trying to lay you down
And I ain't talkin' safe and sound
My n***as trying to make it out, lost a couple guys to the streets
My head just spacing out, damn that b**h was bad
But that ho just really basic now, smoking all this hooka
n***as know I keep that stank around
Roll your own, I'm facing, clown

n***as not f**ing with us, Team 600 man we next up man
We got nigh all that sh** man we coming to take this sh** man
If n***as ain't on they sh** man you might as well get out this sh** while you can man
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OTF baby you know how we rocking, shout out to GBE man
Period, 300, 600, Front Street, all that man

Gang gang gang gang

Aye Edai where you at bro?

I'm right here bro, foe'nem, OTF b**h

Edai get these n***as man let's get it

[Verse 2: Edai]
Look at me, came up from nothing now they booking me
30 on me everytime I roll, ain't no cooking me
Better get that casket boy, just to go and put this beef
Rest in peace to fallen guys, lost a couple in the streets
Damn, why they looking like they want the beef?
n***as I don't know talking to me gotta keep it brief
n***as talking on the low, actin' like they ain't peep the streets
12 hit the block, keep my cool jock in my briefs
Reach for the stars cause they told me it ain't in my reach
n***as living day to day, didn't get to see this week
Hit up Western Union, n***as paying just to hear me speak
Young n***as in the streets, I ain't trying to hear em preach
n***as wanna go to war, tell me where you wanna meet
Went to school with the tool, f** what the teacher teach
Opps hit the same school, can't let em catch me asleep
Stuck in the streets, sh**'ll never let me be, for real

[Outro: Edai]
Foe'nem, sh** crazy man, foe'nem the life I live is crazy
sh** real man, I lost a lotta guys in this sh** man
Lost a lot of real n***as man, some in jail man
Free 22, free 9 man, they trying to give em life
sh** f**ed up out here man, I swear
That's my brother man, my blood brothers man
La familia, OTF, gang

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