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50 Cent - Rap Game [DVD] [Live] lyrics

The rap game, hip-hop 101
The hardest nine to five you'll ever have
You can't remember sh** in no history book
You ready to rap motherf**er?
You ready to sell your soul? hahaha
The rap game will f** you up I'ma disrupted n***a, you made me crazy
You shoulda slayed me as a baby
Behavin' shadier than Wes Craven
And you ain't even gotta pay me
I take pleasure of layin' a n***a down daily
You face me, punk it's over, you'll faint fast
I've never f**ed up to where I can't whoop ya a**
You'll neck'll get snapped with bare hands, f** music
Is he rappin'? It's cool but fools, just don't confuse it
What happens: these dudes get rude then I lose it
I'm scandalous, I blow ya two n***as off the atlas
With a gat that's bigger than Godzilla's back n***a
You are not realer, in fact you're feel the effects
Of a crack dealer, why'all presidents since we smacked
And got a mack 10 with it, so I ain't gotta rap
But I'm thankful for that, don't mistakin' me black
'Cause you'll be stankin' in the back of a f**in' Cadillac I'ma get snuffed, 'cause I ain't said enough to pipe down
I pipe down, when the White House just wiped out
When I see that little Cheney dike get sniped out
Lights out, b**h adios, goodnight {*gunshot*} (AHH!)
Now put that in ya little pipe and bite down
Think for a minute 'cause the hype just died down
That I won't go up in the Oval Office right now
And flip whatever ain't tied down upside down
I'm all for America, f** the government
Tell that seed to Laura, tell the slut to s** a dick
Motherf** ducked, what the f**? son of a b**h
Take away my gun, I'm gonna tuck some other sh**
Can't tell me sh** about the tricks of this trade
Switchblade, with a little switch to switch blades
And switch from a six to a sixteen inch blade
sh**'s like a samurai sword of Cincy
sh** just don't change to this day
I'm this way, still tell that utslay ipsbay
Upsay my ipnay, 'scuse my ickpay, addelay
But uckfay the rap game [Chorus]
This rap game, this rap game
I ain't sellin' my soul for this rap game
And I ain't diggin' no hole for this rap game
Man, I'm tellin' you, know it ain't happening
This rap game, this rap game
I ain't sellin' my soul for this rap game
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I ain't diggin' no hole for this rap game
This rap game, this rap game I wouldn't want to be drinkin', drowned in my own inequity
But f**ed that I'ma rap 'til why'all all get sick of me
And clutch my nuts sack and spit all who pick at me
I'm pickin' a rott mix, f** the dogs you sic on me
I'm sayin' you motherf**ers don't know us, quit playin'
If I'm broke, then I'm breakin' up in the place where you layin'
You know, same sh** every n***a done in his life
I lived to this wise, speak on when I want when I write
So why should I ever fear another man
If he bleed like I bleed, take a piss and he stand?
OK, you win, you can say we can't rap
But no shorts 'cause I'm mean (???) say this is whack I walk in that party and just start bussin' {*gunshots and screaming*}
Right after I hear the last verse of "Self Destruction"
This liquor makes me want to blast the chrome
To let you know the time without Morris Dangerome (n***a)
I'm low down and shifty, quickly call Swifty
To do a drive-by on the tenth speed with 50
Ya feelin' lucky? Squeeze
I catch you outside of Chuckie Cheese
With ya seed, you be an unlucky G
My lifestyle is unstable, I party anatic
They said no fightin' in the club so I brought me a 'matic
Coughin' the static, I jump n***as, call me a rabbit
Poppin' the tablet and guns to soften (???) [Chorus] I snatch the chalk from the sidewalk and piss on the curb
This is absurd, we street n***as twistin' the words
We finally could "Say Goodbye to Hollywood"
'cause Proof and Shyne man sh** nothin' in common
But ask this band with gasoline chan
We never bow down to be a flash in the pan
No remorse, f** ya stature dog
Nothin' to do with hands when I clap at why'all
But to draw on the ground with the form and the pound
Then I'm gone outta town 'fore the law come around
So we can battle with raps, we can battle with gats
Matter of fact, we can battle for plaques (This rap game) I'm too f**in' retarded
I don't give a f** about my dick
That's why I'm datin' Lorraina Bobbet
My crew had an argument, who was the largest
Now they all is dead and I roll as a solo artist
Plus I made all the beats and wrote all the raps
Well I really didn't, but I did accordin' to this contract
I was thrown in the snow with nowhere to go
Freezin' 20 below, forced to join (???)
My little girl, she shouldn't listen to these lyrics
That's why I glued her headphones to her ear to make sure she hear it
If rap don't work, I'm startin' a group with Garth Brooks
Hahahaha, and just say "Look" [Chorus]

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