50 Cent - You Know lyrics

See low we know
I'm sitting on leather I'm a winner
If I crap out the strap out
Cause I snap right back to the beginning n***a

You know I will let it pop front if you want b**h I will make it hot
You (rrr) know you think you ill but you not
You will need a tombstone you will need a plot (yeah)

I peep what n***as hate through my peripherals
Boy if I leave this club back to the car I got some sh** for you
Want party? We can paint the town red
Them bottles ain't sh** to me a n***a got bread
I'm big money big business I love it
For the bad b**hes with big a**es and the budgets I'm the boss
Until you know sh** is going how it got to go
I don't want talk tonight I might just buy the hoes
My pleasure principle spender's expense
First I'm happy then she happy then she can pay the rent
It's nothing to a n***a when he up
But when they down I bet you he won't give up at your bump
Flipping will catch your attitude 'like b**h what the f** you want from a n***a huh?, you f**ing up n***a huh? '
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Look girl you know you sitting on a gold mine
f** with them other n***as think you so fine

[Hook x2]

My flow hotter than the gun after that clip done
Don't care about the sit you claim mother f** the finger bang
I hang around with hustlers and hoodlums that party get the popping
Then we beefing and we shooting
Let's party like it's 1999
Flat top Gazelle, the swag going back in time
I got it locked they can't ignore it
My n***a know some bullsh** I'm all for it
Heroin Don seven sixty leaning
Chrome clean spend a n***a scheming trying to hit a lick
Them victim n***as thinking damn why me
I'm thinking why these n***as never try me
Maybe they feel the vibe they know a n***a lie
I let it off inside and outside
The club rocking it's on tonight
Them bottle's popping we getting right


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