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[Verse 1: 4T7] I'm bullet proof, you're gonna lose, you better move when I come through There is no choose, step in my shoes, my power soothes when I am blue Now you're jealous, overzealous, i can tell that you can smell this Feelin Hellish, as i k** this, dont come around when I build this Empire, to start the fire, that sets you all ablaze You got the wires within ya mind, you're following the craze Popular culture, yea ya know her, corrupting perception of your life I don't need her, don't wanna see her, cuz I enjoy a clear night Open up my eyes and I rise up out the ashes Time to start the war to end all the wars between the ma**es Hit in the face by reality is what happened Body covered, cuts and bruises, while I don the fat lip One eye is black, one leg is shot, but I continue limping I can't go back, fail I will not, life's elixir I'm sipping Climbing up right out the dark, from a world that was scorn I've had enough I leave my ark, and now i am reborn [Verse 2: 4T7] This'll be my time, this'll be my year Livin' in the prime time, My World is what we call it here To all those who doubt me, you better have a good reason I got the b**hes round me, I deport them all for treason This is my sh** in a minute getting fizzy I know them f**ers come around and try and f** wit me So come along i drop you down cuz we are getting busy I'm Intoxicated on adrenaline and I'm dizzy When I come down, its post apocalyptic Give me my crown, this ain't a modest business I'm done being humble, run bees bumble I'm a f**ing hornet Ima leave you all in rubble Never been a person to enter competitions Heating things up like co2 emissions Ima change the climate you can see my levels rise But ya'll acting like congress and averting your eyes (Averting your eyes) [Verse 3: 4T7] Whatever Im searchin Im lookin to find it The only way to express my self is just to rhyme it But everyone's against me hindering success Tryna go light-speed so I can see whats next Can't make it right to light-speed but I'm going 88 Going back in time to when I thought the world was great Before I knew corruption and before religious views To a time without the care of the news I try to find that youth, find that youthful perception While I go around handing out transgressions Its me who halts what I want and I am messin' Up my goal that i set, now i learn the lesson So here we go, lets start the show, I welcome you into my mind You better know, I'm not malleable, just read my signs I'm adamant, been rapping since, I realized that I can fix Any problems that I hid, ima work until I'm rid Of all these problems, won't stop until solve'em All these plans i got'em, ill dissolve em I'm a solvent of their power, I'ma drop'em In an hour like its nothing, you're a coward who's still s**ing On your mamma's milk, disgusting And i never let'em see me bleed, like children's tv screens Try a day of being me, and living in my mind you'll see Just what the f** that I deal with on the daily I've been pushed off the edge and nobody can save me (Nobody can save me) [Verse 4: 4T7] I'ma stun gun, run run, you never can escape I shun shun, the sun sun, darkness across your face We all are living in the shadows of those larger Cursed in the dark fighting battles, dying martyrs We die for people, die for countries, die for wars, die for nothing Die for leaders, die for teachers, die for causes, die for loving Die for Darfur, die more and more, what the hell are we fighting for? "The world is yours", but there's wars, All us people have an evil core I make a decision on who to follow I choose no one, but spin the bottle To see who i would choose if i had to The bottle spins and it stops on Matthew Its me who chooses what i want, and where to go and what to see And what I'm not, and who's my foe, and everything that i wanna be And I'ma keep on fighting, I'ma be forever climbing I'ma be forever trying, to keep living like I'm dying I'ma soar above'em flying, I'ma do it til i'm Mayan Defying all authority, and writing all my stories be Cause I gotta do it, and I gotta document em And i really gotta vent'em, and I really gotta send'em Out my brain into the public, in the ma**es, hope they love it When I'm spewing all this ruckus and i'm never gonna plug it I may never f**ing make it, but my thoughts are out there waiting Like a diamond in the rough, I'm in the cut, and I am facing All this evil, and the feeble, and the people are my easal And my lyrics ima paint'em, once the war is done and fading Looking back on tribulations, racing thoughts up in the cranium I'm bullet proof titanium, on my body plating up I'm never gonna get beat again, reality can be a friend It all depends on your intents If you'll transcend or meet your end

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