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4T7 - Whattup lyrics

[Verse 1]
4T on the rise in his eyes you can see it
Don't mind the guise, I just try to believe it
Ain't that what we gotta do to change around distorted views?
Load up on the glue to piece together and construe
Look at this guy thinkin that he got the answers
Memorized the steps so he can call himself a dancer
Master faster ways of movin through
Plaster caster fame is what i view
Too, double o so you know, its in co with my
Tornado, born to show, my calico mind
Light and dark patches, matches burn a short time
Write a dark passage, manage mischief on a line
Fine dine with the girl, twirl roses in hand
I try for the pearl, but I'm only finding clams
Fly round the world, feel the beaches different sand
Feelin free in the air but your home is on the land

Whattup whattup whattup (What?)
What the fuck is up with you?
Shuttup Shuttup Shuttup (Ay)
Im just tryna move on through

[Verse 2]
Harvesting the resources, while I'm tryna be cautious
Everyone can see losses, cuz they wanna feed off'em
Deprivation will ensue, devastation killing you
Set the stage'n fill the room, with flowers with the will to bloom
I'm waitin til I feel the tune, to heal the loon, to seal the doom
What happens if you kill the moon, the cielin' looms, with lethal fumes
Chokin', broken, cuz you need the balance
Feelin like I'm Iroh but it's just the way I'm soundin'
I'm the dragon of the east, ran to the shaw
Main course of my feast, landed in jaws
Harder than a vice thats tightened, likened to the might of Titans
Vibin' til the bright is nightened, Fightin' til the light subsidin'
And I wonder do you, feel like you're blue
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Often as me? to a degree?
Do you live in the sea? Is it filled with debris?
Is your journal somethin that you put up on a CD?
Come on


[Verse 3]
Shutup with the bullshit, cuz I had enough of it
Whatup to my focus, comin back im lovin it
The slower flow is foh the show of woe and low and cold
The glowin pro is ohn a roll i know this joe is bold
Oh no, you ain't ever seen this
Doubtin on my hunger you can go and suck my penis
And I mean it, at my zenith
Thrivin while I'm lyin in environments on venus
I'm writin' when its hot, I got the paper to go cool me
Kinda like it when I'm shot, and if i say it I can fool me
Plausability is evident, irreverent to logic
Messages of sentiments, is excellent for solvin'
No it's not I'm just kiddin this debate is on fire
The only difference is I don't deliver like a liar
Lies have truth even if they got a smidgen
Voices talkin to me but you know that I don't listen


Ambition stemmed from places that were deep inside my head
Since I was 13 I had dreams that I would kill em dead
With music and beliefs that I could be the very best
Like no one ever was and then I stood up tall and said


Whattup Whattup Whattup
Whattup Whattup Whattup

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