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4T7 - Party Night lyrics

Walk into the party like yeah we got a mission
4T stepped in so now ya gotta listen
This is our night its time to go crazy
Dancing real fast, opposite of lazy
We drink to get drunk, we smoke to get high
My mind is in top bunk, yeah I'm in the sky
I got a request i feel i have to say
If you got more liquor, throw it my way

[Verse 1]
We goin on a raid, yeah I'm jacking the Daniels
Feel like im flying, lit up like a candle
Crack a loko open, I hear that clink
Pour that shit down like a drain in the sink
Its a Bacardi party and I'm feeling real nice
My vision is blurred, eyes rolling like dice
My luck is good man i hit the jack pot
Life couldn't be better, drinking in the back lot
Got everyone running we causing mayhem
Life is a game and I'm just playin'
Tryna beat my score, I'm getting it high
If i said this was legal then that would be a lie
Looking at the sky, looking at the stars
Feet off the ground I'm floating to Mars
Close the door we sitting in the van
20 minutes later all ya hear is BLAM


[Verse 2]
Sobering up? Just take another shot
Not high enough? Smoke some more pot
Do you got some problems in your life?
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Blaze like Marley it'll be alright
Now we getting crazy, or should i say loko?
My eyes are bobbin up and down like a yo-yo
Oh no, are we out of beer?
False alarm, yeah have no fear
We drinking more and more
Finishing off lots of Coores
My boys fucking all them whores
Liver and Liquor are at war
Its a Saturday, 12 in the morning
This night is all but boring
Got the kicks and snap-backs on
And them girls taking off their thongs


[Verse 3]
Lets go run and lets go party
Lets drink till the girls just look like barbies
Come with me girl i see you with the goggles
Looking sexier with every sip of the bottle
We running around and we don't know what to do
You don't drink? Well don't fuck with our crew
We about the late nights we about booze
We about the nice girls we about the boobs
I'm quite a dapper rapper if you wanna get formal
Narcissistic? Well yeah that's normal
Dancing at the parties like I got a problem
Probably because I'm drinking till I'm dropping
Doing the things that we shouldn't be doing
More alcohol is what I'm pursuing
Partying like this it is my obsession
I'm done, I'm out, this was 4T7


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