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4T7 - Journey Through My Mind (Anger & Anxiety) lyrics

We're falling
Deep down
We're falling
Falling falling
We're falling
Deep down
We're falling
Falling falling

[Verse 1]
I wake up I'm in the storm, in a world that has been torn
Lightning flashes and rain pours, since the day anger was born
Feel a flash flicker it flips the trigger
Fire fills my face quicker, ticker ticks faster and then my thoughts they quickly become sicker
Conductive like the lightning rod of the lightning god
Thinking I'm Zeus but I'm just a fraud, just facade, tryna be the one to overcome the odds
Got a complex, like a bomb vest, that i can't be destroyed
But I stress, I know whats next, cause of all the emotions in my head I'm void
Here we go and here we go, my thoughts psychotic runnin' round
We play see-saw we play see-saw but I just keep on going down
The others rise before me and I'm falling in a trench
And no one's eyes adore me, give me up like it was lent
Where do I go, where do I go? My thoughts are poison seeping out
I cannot run, I cannot run, fall on my knees I scream and shout
The others walk past me as I'm surrounded but alone
No one can save me now, build a barricade of stone

[Bridge 1]
The pit of the abyss welcomes me like an acquaintance
I see this I have been missed, being called back for maintenance
What feels like burning tar trickles over my skin
What was once good nature has been marred by lies and sin
Deceit and anger and yelling and tears
I see the danger of telling my fears
Trusting diminishes, solo k**ed the whole thing
Running into ditches, an attack is approaching
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[Verse 2]
I wake up I'm in the dark, in the sea, within an ark
Waves and swells stomp and march, and the thunder growls and barks
No sight of land, no sight of life
I cannot stand, I cannot fight
I think I can, but fail I might
Be the light within the night
Anxiety, it might just be, and I'm imprisoned in my shell
There's no light in me, its the night in me, I need to be saved from my hell
Conflicting, and ripping, right on through the back of my skull
I'm lifting, and sifting through the pieces to make me whole
My head is light, my head is light, my head begins to fall on back
My chest is tight, my chest is tight, and now begins the panic attack
Call for help but to no avail
Try to save myself and remove this veil
Maximum percent, but still I fail
Attackin' em present, to end this tale
I cannot stop, I cannot stop, what is the point of trying now
My brain is rot, my brain is rot, its time to take the closing bow
Without the crowd without cheering
There is no loud, I lost my hearing
Thoughts are doubtful, brain is seering
And then I look out, and land is nearing

[Bridge 2]
Step onto the gra**, and the green is gone
Now begin to walk fast, tryna turn the lights on
The switch is at the end, I begin to run faster
Just then the world bends, situation becomes disaster
Try to wake up and get out of this terror
Try to push it to the subconscious into things I don't remember
The switch becomes encased and covered in vines
And I realize I can't escape, from this journey through my mind


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