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4T7 - End of the World Cypher 2013 lyrics

[Nappy Intro]

[Klonopin Intro]
Oh God, not this shit again
Don't you imbeciles got anything better to do?
Not doing this again, my God
Alright, fuck it
Can't believe I did this shit again
Got dammit, you cocksuckers

[Scratchin' Killah aka TyrantX]
Itchin' for bitches like crabs on my head
Fiending for glory like Brads in my head
Recycle the flow like Cole's on the bed
End of the world and Tyrant still getting this bread

Ethered the guy above me, ethered the one below me
Oh, and I just finished getting first verse's mom to blow me
Cause I'm the best mayn — I deed it
But no-one cares what I say — SDVG'd it

[Drake Stan]
King Drake, kingpin, overlord
Coast Guard come a hundred goin' overboard
I got money with the best of ‘em
Go blow for blow with any Mexican

I'm the don of this shit, writing this verse shirtless
If you ain't found your GF on RG you simply just worthless
I tell CEO's to suck my dick, that' just my humor
If I get a backlash from it I blame it on my brain tumor
But even if I keep my top on, I'm the top Don
I win the Google search for "Evian Don" cause ITS ON
You never seen a rapper so maboolicious
My lips spittin alkaline fire: so nutritious

Now I'm the most regular dude of the big three
Ain't gotta hypnotize you to make you believe in me
I'm the guy they love to speak to at them interviews
But I ain't feelin' you if all you talkin' is revenue

You ain't got the right to come to my forum and talk shit
I'm the reason you even got a place to come and talk shit
Yeah, I say worse is better, but not in this case
Up and down the board all I see is weak rappers in this place

Asked Big Daddy Kane shit he ain't been asked before
Roll with your favorite rapper while they on their tour
Know more about Talib than he do, now that's what's up
You can't even read outside the lines, that's why you suck

Set precedents, the queen of this damn residence
Like to put emojis up in all of my damn sentences
And I got your favorite rappers on speed dial
If you deny my greatness I call you bitches Cleopatra's cause you be in The Nile

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck

Many peeps on the staff, but they all come to me
The one they love to see, could easily be the face of the company
Your highness, but don't mistake my kindness for a weakness
I'm the flyest, won't hesitate to smack all you weaklings

[Jason D. Morris]
Fuck a plaque jack; I just want to snap back
Through ages of clique clacks I just want to keep track
OG the ascension of states of intervention
I'll be here, hit me up or shoot a mention; PEACE

What's up though, fuck you, you can sukkadik
Hit me up if you want nudes like pic4pic
2013 was a okay year
Your mom liked my dik a lot in her rear

Steppin' to me is like steppin' on Lego, man
I'll break you into pieces just like a Legoman
Then build you back up and place you in Legoland
Never got laid, but people 'bout to ride you in Legoland

All white Bentley, I call that mama
My life crazy, like Obama's
You talk slick? Well, I'm Osama
Bin Laden, I'm what's happening, I get it cracking

My favorite state is Montana, or was it Indiana, or perhaps Louisiana
Or was Atlanta or maybe Savannah, I got swagana
I got lots of girlfriends, they names are Savannah, Hannah, Joanna, Susana, Louanna, Roxanna, Hannah Montana
I got ho ho hoes; Santa

[Flexasaurus Rex The RedMasta]

[Verse ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): Jenksus]
BITCH, I'm chillin' on the pyramids of Giza with Sharkeisha
Got a cheesy dick, call it cock pizza

If it's the end of the world, I'll sit back and pop me some popcorn
Watch you snack-attack negus squabblin' over who's got more corn
Tell me, who among you will be the Nases and Clipses?
Lost in mazes, you got maizes ‘nough for two 'pocalypses

Ayo, it's 123 in the place to be
Rapping, rocking, popping the vicinity
Rapping, rocking, popping so proficiently
It's my job, I don't do it for free

[Xtreme Aptitude]
I'm killing the Game just like I'm Tyrese
Trying to get dollaz, doing meth like I'm Chinese
But I'm not too short, although you can blow the whistle
About to make you wet and U.O.E.N.O. I'm pissing (I'm the future, bitch)

The end of the world? Means I need 2 bad bitches
Ariana and Rihanna, they can french kiss the dick
While I'm chopping zombies in half with bullet clips
Still bossin', you know D'shon stay flossin' even when the world endin'

[Yung Nuke Dookie aka Yung Huf]
During blowjobs I'm sticking it far
To even try to pull out would be a minute too long
So why don't we both just stick to the thought
Of walking around the rest of our lives with this dick in your gob

I'm a rapper now, because the innanet
Just grabbed the RG crown and I ain't finished yet
You know brockem socks em like an uppercut to the jaw
I only got four bars, but they're the realest you ever saw

[HOPPER 2.0 aka sexy-mofo]
Dick between fingers with vixens of pixels - can I bust a nut?!
Witnessin' reddit link smut, then all of a sudden my dick jumped
Inifite jizz hits laptop, call it a screen shot
Wait a second, she has a thick cock, and I just peed cum

[Jerome Rob Your Home]
J is for jurrasic, e is for elastic
And Rome represent the dome your mom gave that was fantastic
Don't be passive, aggressive after my dick deployed
She then ate a young nigga's ass like an almond joy

Alpha-Q-Up in this bitch, if ya keep talkin' shit ya jugular is at risk (YUGH!)
That's a homophone homes, like a crossdressing E.T., homo phone home (deeyuumm!)
Calm me Alpha or Mega-mane, before reach me you gotta get better mane (Haaannnn!)
Goat Avi, Goat name, Goat Tates, when I spit this shit just imagine the sound that the crowd makes (Yahh!)

[Christian H]
The state is Illuminati, I'm exposing it, son
The dollar bill forms a pyramid if you fold it like one
Don't be a moron, spot the lizard people or you're done
Third eye so advanced that I developed a fourth one

Apocalypse, popping kids in their oesophagus
Sorry about the anal virginity, but that's what the cost is
Turn your tragic life to Magic Mike in “This Is The End”
Spit on your grave, travel back in time so you can listen again

2013, so I guess I'm a walking zombie
2014, couple brain shots, yeah, let's party
Wake up trippin' like ''yeah, let's darty''
My man flippin' a chick, threw up in his car seat


[Eon2323 aka Joe The Second]
Yeah, I'm Joe The Second, but I'll be the first to confess
Mah boo fell for Maboo when he sent a pic of his chest
Made her way to the editors, even the whitehats got busy
Pics of her flooded the forum, candles up, one tear like Drizzy
(I'll never forget you Alison Brie)

Conductive like the lightning rod of the lightning god, thinking I'm Zeus
But I'm just a fraud, just a facade, tryna be the one to overcome the odds
Got a complex like a bomb vest that I can't be destroyed
But I stress, I know what's next cause of all these emotions in my head I'm void

The swinging sirens stop, one brother made it
Debating if a proper pay-check coulda kept him off the pavement
Would it have stopped it? Or just delayed it?
Glock saying“You'll see your lil' bro soon”, shit is tough: constipation

I'm a schitzo with a slit throat, talented, wack
Crowned as a hack, so he started downing that jack
Found in the back, pounding a fag, but still lounging in zags
And zigs, shit, bitch, staying on my dick's a fucking balancing act

If I gotta rely on you fools wordplay to save the world for me
I might as well go ahead and put one foot prematurely in purgatory
Forget purgatory, I'm headed straight to hell, gonna burn like a salted snail
Don't have no faith in y'all if ya couldn't tell, you were born to lose, destined to fail

[Don Sensezi]
Don Sensezi is fresh like Adonis/a don is
Droppin medleys, vaporizing comets
The new editor emperor has entered the
Cypher to slice up the competitor cause he's ahead of ya dog shit

If you say I ain't the greatest then you lying like Obama
My raps are underground and I murder em' like Osama
I try to keep it peaceful like I am the Dalai Lama
But my lyrics cut so deep that they could probably cause some trauma

I'm explosive, corrosive, time for your daily bars
Come get your dosage, flow is nasty, it's the grossest
Killing is the motive
So I just wrote this, sorry about the bar, I think I broke it

[Big MF E]
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Your favourite rapper's cool ‘cause he on my live TV?
I'm pure evil like the opposite of love, but L-I-V-E
Killin' these rookies bring the first A-I-D
Fuck a girl just to giver her HIV

The only reason we're on the same page is cause it's still the first
I'll have came with so much rage it hurts, then I'll be freezing the Smurfs
The nerve to eat in Eden, heaving dirt to Jesus even
Beating his demons up, leaving Sweden bleeding chocolate semen in cups

You wack rappers need ghost rider's like Johnny Blaze
Cause all you rap about is smoking haze
You already know that I'm a sage
Cause my mind is not trapped like it's inside a cage

[Yung Entrepreneur]
Why do I rap
Is it cause I'm strapped
Or is it cause I'm white
Trying to tell my story and shed some light

[R. June]
Livin' reckless till the day I'm breathless, drug infested
Dick manifest its presence on your girl face and necklace
Ruthless as ku Klux, but kudos go to real nigga crews tho no psuedo
This ya boy June, got a rude soul in the body of a brute yo, ya know

How much can I squeeze and scrape into four barsI
Tease and rape rapper corn cobs
Wack whore jobs, rather pick on my slick guitar
If it's a good day I'll hit a bitch with the lit cigar

I make Hopsin look like a beginner
Cus I'm so corny, call it Corn Dinner
I jack off so much, I'm a sworn sinner'
Cus I'm so horny, call me porn skimmer

Hang a bitch upside down by her vulva
Spank her ass while she sippin' on my Cola
Cuz when I see pussy I be pouncin'
And my dick is on extension (IT'S OVER 9000)

Hip Hop became a way of life
But the only thing niggas got from it was slapping women was the best way to treat a wife
Most of Hip hop has become pop
When motherfuckas thought Drake singing in pj's was the shit to cop

[Verse 3.14: MC Red]
Burst though a wall like the Kool-Aid man with a roll of quarters in hand
Shouting “doc's da name”, made outta hay and I got no brain, but plenty of heart
A jackass who is rollin' with body parts in his shopping cart and a pack of ramen
Call me Dahmer, I'll drop bigger bombs than fucking Bin Laden

I'm extra nice when spittin', gettin' better by the minute
Bred to rhyme cause wreckin' mics and rippin is my exercise and fitness
Doctors opened up my head to find what's etched inside within it
So hip hop I'm goin' to rip tops right open like it's Popeye scopin' for an extra bite of spinach

Nigga, I'm bad to the bone, call it osteoporosis
I don't pick up da phone cause im fucking yo mistress
She say you are what you eat, that makes you a pussy
Why you down on your knees? Are you beggin for mercy?

Pussy monster got a dick that would hit the ground
Got so many bitches on my dick like Merry-Go-Round
Treating my dick like a king all it needs is a crown
I beat you with it like a verb, still it keeps its noun

I don't fuck with coke — I just snort it and bag it
Getting mad beaver — Norbert and Dagget
Going 50 in a 30 with a 40, fuck the rest of y'all
And you think the drinking's bad? I'm higher than Rick Ross's cholesterol

I met Mac at We're the Millers, turns out he was just a seat filler
Runnin' ‘round unplugging the phones to dope dealers
Wondering why all this cereal still here if it's got Killers
Cinnamon toasted bae in the bag so I conceal her

I'm not a fighter ‘till I hit you with my pacifist
I stay on top like death on Everest
I leave so much blood you taste the metal in the air
And leave the bereaved to close the lids on your stare

Yeah, other niggas toking, but I'm Tolkien, 'bout to go medieval
After this the internet will be in upheaval
Call me Frodo cause I'm Baggin up
Bout to catch e'm tripping up and we only just now starting up

I'm overdosed, oversold, overbold, valued over gold
Out of control, on patrol, unconditional, on a roll
They praising the paintings in pasting they're making
I'm making news, breaking, face it, the least basic word placement

I put s before word to decapitate
Making blueprint with base I'm the architect
I spit phat, to break bars like a kit kat
Cut chit chat, cause ScopeY Kid nap

Uhhh, 116, you know I'm unashamed
I'm like a jailhouse, yo I got bars for days
I stay annotating lyrics and I got the I.Q. to show it
And if you don't know, well, now you know it

Retard riding a bike with no training wheels
Left the helmet at home, give a fuck bout how saftey feel
Shits fucked up like the toilet after some Five Guys
If i made an album, call it Crack Baby Lullabies

Going ham, oh, god damn this beat? Getting the Rick Ross body slam
The swimming pool, I swim that, sleep in a bed with your mom, I'm in that
I'm out, shout out to Streetlights my negus fo life
And if I ever get married I'll let you have sexual intercourse with my wife

It's the end of the world, but the start of my legacy
Witness atomic energy, any MC gets ripped apart if they mention me
Guarantee my pen will leak
Target marked with markers, the ruler's back to erase ya urgently and permanently

Four simple bars from a starter, not close to the charts, master of arts
Climbing like a monkey or Altaïr in Masyaf, terror overwhelming like Syria
Seriously, what's gotten into me? I've saught this shit now there's nothing for me to see
In the forest, trees down, humans are forfeits, fuck all I've learned, end'a the damn world

I sit here wasting away in front of a screen on RG
I spit fear chasing away the bums while they scream “he's charging!"
Personal foul on the defense, for being a faggot
Dag nabbit, I tried detoxing by drinking water, but it was damn stangnant!

If I said I was a fag Macklemore would support me
But I'm a whore so actin homo would be a chore for me (Tru!)
And I know that a brotha couldn't committee perjury
But atleast a nigga know that Miley Cyrus wouldn't twerk for me

[Yayo Guevara]
Its the end of the world cypher with the rap geniuses
The whole teams VIP you know, very immense penises
But all we've got is bars don't even know what eatin is
And stacking whoevers cream this is is just our evening biz

[SavvyRJA][Verse 666]
I'm about to waterboard you
Turn you to ash and bring out Pikachu
I'll get on my beyblade shit and bring out Dragoon
I'll be the last one spinning, about to go ape shit, no baboon

[Triple P Diddy]
It's the mothafuckin' end of the year cypher
Everybody crazy like Monty Python
I'mma rip this shit like a Philippines typhoon
Oh shit, that was too soon

Yo, it's vag on the track, bitch, eating some fritos
Spittin' that juice in her face, you can call me Carlito
She's never seen that before so she calls me her hero
Then she ends up dead on the pavement like Eddie Guerrero


Love watching hoes in the club, their titties jiggle
Ever put your dick in hot sand, it starts to wiggle
I call my girl Jimmy cause she gives me brain blasts
She calls me big tootsie pop, cause she knows I last

I'm no Harajuku barbie, but I'mma try and be as silly
But won't change my looks, I like my hair as brown fusili
Your dilly willy, pretty mini got me saying ‘really?'
Me, this milly, jiggy with it, ain't braining on that weenie

[Albino Ace]
Conductors cap running your train of thought, derails
Ho's lost everything in their mind, but brain sells
High above an Empire stating that I will not be broken
Charlie had a golden ticket I got a golden toke in

[Deivid El Shabazz]
Zero odds of failure
It's odd how I get these bars out on this jailer
It's chords when I go back to mars on my trailer
It's just a fucking trailer but the plot still thickens

I slapped open your bitch's chasity belt without a key
Whilst I was wacthing Ed, Edd and Ed-dy
Gave your girl a firm squeeze
Nigga, hell yeah, I felt her double d's

[Tigger Woody]
Pull up in the Ferrari Testarossa
Flow is Electric like a Tesla roadster
I keep it Kosher, but still go HAM
Get high off that Dro(Drew) Breeze(Brees) like I lit a Jimmy Graham(gram)

Y'all know this is pulse number one royce fan
Y'all gay just dropping the soap like a boy band
Laayla my dog along with Cmod, so get peed on
I'm the best genius that give chicks the dihh until they can't tell what bad penis is

[The Act]
I'm about to pop the clutch, kick it into fifth gear, better find a safe haven
Take into consideration Paul Walker's current situation (RIP)
All I see is numbers like Alex Mason
I'm The One in the Matrix, but I unplugged, free Mason (freemason)

You are not ready for this
I might be in a bliss
Give you a kiss, doesn't beat you like Chris
A serious problem, nothing to dismiss

20-14's coming round, I'mma rape 280 women & leave em delirious
I'm a bloody motherfucker and I'm oh so serious
Prone to smash your mother while she's having her period
Then I'll make you suck both my penises
RapGenius… Nigga!

[Lemson Outro]
Ay wat u thinchu doin fk dii niga scopey gon try run up on my turf i gun a niga dwn no 2nd thought sey gd night sperglord u think u can just do ma thing doin da cypher without evn askin me like wtf lol u cnt just do tht i run da cyphers dis my shit mite sue him abraham leancoln feb 2014 we oucchea 420 blaze it fgt

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