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4T7 - 1 Take lyrics

Droppin' in like a paratroopa
In my shell but I'm still king koopa
Smokin on an L that can stone medusa
Feelin cold as hell, like a fucking rocket booster
Blastin off, speed of light
Mind is all, liquefied
Got a call, from the night
That I ough to get demised
My time line has brought me to here
Livin in a world where no exit is clear
Trapped in a prison of reality's depections
Thats depecting how the system is insisting how you're living
I'll roll with it
The totem wit
One soul intent
To be the hardest motherfucker gettin' props that he's supposed to get
But the people think im soft, they turn my music off
But you try doin this shit when depression eats your thoughts
Got the cancer of the soul, so low, chains bind
Feelin like I'm Cudi cuz I'm trapped in my mind
Cept my mojo ain't dope, there's a rope around my throat
And a vice on my tongue, can't run my legs un
Der some quick sand and there's pounds upon pounds
Tryna break through that barrier but no one can hear my sounds
Thats just the fact of growin up in Smithtown
Unless you're wearing vineyard vines and boat shoes you're a clown
So fuck all that conformity, High school ain't normalcy
It's an institution that just crushes what you're born to be
Unless you're like the rest, you go and fail a test
But your father pays for college so you don't have any stress
So you go and get smashed, grinding on some sluts ass
Wear a cross on your neck but you ain't never been to mass
Livin in a town thats just full of fucking posers
Rich white neighborhood where no ones ever sober
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The parents turn the cheek, sluts tweet on fleek
While all their nudes leak, they seek critiques
Man I just don't get how the "normal" people live
Normal in quotes because they're all fake as shit
Feelin bad for my sister cuz she's in the beginning
In a place where bitches get excited over twinning
Put a hashtag in front and its ready for the gram
200 likes but no one really gives a damn
It's that false confidence that makes the girls think they hot
And flexing in good lighting makes a guy a big shot
Whatever it takes just to get their phone bumping
Whatta disgrace that technology is somethin
That the youth uses as a platform for their ego
Claiming they're social while they talk to faceless people
Fuck all of this shit I don't wanna live within it
But I'm forced to be a witness if I don't agree with it
The way we live is fucked, and I can see it from above
And every time I take a puff I'm told that I don't do enough
Right from the auras of society, negativity is finding me
I feel like people trying me just to get a fucking rise in me
I think I'm mentally fucked up, go on and ask my brothas
You can even ask my lovah, but do not ask my motha
Avoiding interractions, if you're not in my faction
All i know is rapping, but all of ya'll are napping
And that raises the Q, If I'm not approved
By all of these people then what else is there to do?
But that hope just keeps me trying, and it keeps me steady climbing
But sometimes i wanna detach from the ladder and go flying
And I wonder what would happen if I did just that
Would I hit the ground or would I land upon a mat?
Would there be a crowd of people to go catch my back?
Or would nobody be there when my face makes a smack
And as I'm falling would I think about the things I lack?
And how I pushed away the people that I thought were wack
And I never gave a reason cuz treason to my mind doesn't justify a line, but I'm really feelin fine
Livin life like I'm a mime, to the people who don't matter
And if I do not make a mark at least I'll make a splatter

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