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3rd - Bottle After Bottle lyrics

Verse 1:
she walked in the club,
cool, calm collected.
never would have suspected,
her looks were deceptive
blinded by the beauty,
her gorgeous face was my only perception.
that i chose to embrace.
i wanted to be her selection.
but was i trying to chase or just poke her face?
trace my hands down her v shape,
she looked at me with helpless eyes
my guard fell, as i fell paralyzed,
waiting for her to verify, whats on her mind,
cause whats on my mind
is i hit the jackpot this time.
til she asked
if she could share my tab.
my patnas trip pin on me..
but what's a few need to get mad. Chorus:
Girl you fly
You the star of the show
Everybody's staring as you walk by
So intoxicated, can't even fake it
It's bottle after bottle
Til you lose control
Chorus: girl
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It's Bottle after bottle til I loose control? Verse 2:
30 minutes and 20 drinks later,
sharing my mistake could be greater
quite the taster, at the bar trying all flavors
willing to do favors later for a playa
if he obey her and give her drinks she can savor
and she don't drink beer,
only Jack Daniels straight.
and she's all up in my face, lurking, burping, and flirting
now she on the floor jerking, crowd surfing,
networking cause she yearning for more
I'm just observing, a side i didn't see before.
this girl on her hustle.
trying to scuffle up liquor,
meanwhile, i can't configure
how a beautiful face, nice lady figure
could be a sloppy busybody,
ready to leave with just anybody
(once she consumes liquor.)
flashing pictures,
the paparazzi of the party.
forget freak in the sheets,
she's in the streets, being naughty Bridge: Repeat 2x
This is my party
I get drunk as I want to
As drunk as I want to
So pa** me some more booze

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