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3Gee - Snitch lyrics

I just wanna smoke
I just wanna blowf
I just wanna do the things
I didn't do before

Sipping on my cup
Swimming in that liquor
See girls in the club doing
All the crazy dance

[Verse 2]

All I care bout its money
Don't care about n***as
No friction
I'm just grinding been struggling
To get my a** up in this level
Now I did but they hating
Oh, they gotta know this
No this Ain't
A game so f** checkmates
Now they wanna know how
I got here, I just tell em say man
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"I've been sitting down and write
In my room then go to the studio
Man record em hits and k**ing the
Beat and take to the radio
It wasn't easy to let you know
Asking for slots just to k** the
Shows, do gigs for free just for
Me to blow all I am trying is to
Let you know "

They told me to let it go
I asked myself what the f**
They know, the way they've
Been tripping though
You even swear that its TV show
With my kinda type of flow
You think that its gimmicks
Man f** these hoes

Condoner lets shut this
Claiming they bad while
Its tiptoe


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