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30 Roc - Jugg lyrics


[30 Roc]
Derrty you a fool for this one


[Meechi Me]
100 bands in my pocket
f** that sh** n***a no deposit
Pull up to the club
I might drop top it
(I'm wit yo b**h)
All this hustling
n***a ain't no stoping

[Matthew Skyy]
All I need Is a bank card
All I need Is a bank card
All i need Is a bank card
All I need Is a bank card
Got zero deposit
Zero deposit (JUUG)x5
All I need is a bank card


100 bands with these phones
But I still want to JUUG
Made a milli of swiping
But I'm still in the hood
Make this sh** understood
Derrty money be good
I'm a paper chaser
Clock 4 flat for the JUUG
I'm screaming
All I need
Is a bank card
(Gimme that gimme that)
Last name pin code
No bank fraud
I love these Benjamin's
But n***as hate boy
p**y stab you In yo back
Gold shank boy
Gold rings Shabba rank boy
f** n***as be fake boy
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Aroma is hate boy
My ground full of snake boy
Creep creep if you want
4 5 up my safe boy
Everybody know
They caught derrty boy Slipping
It's aight
I ain't tripping
No deposit
Gone keep me glistening


If you JUUG better think hard
Say my name Better say god
Got yo b**h
Man that my brod
Got yo b**h
Keep my nick hard
Swiper No swiping
f**ing I'm jugging
And jugging my n***a
I am my own idol
Verse after verse
Me and mad money
Should be and the bible
Rocking that coochie
Swear all these b**hes
They want to get wife
Bottles and bottles
And yea they on ice
These b**hes on Mollie
Oh yea they on ice
(Dripping that ice)
I'm feeling my d**
I'm feeling it twice
(Feeling like two time)
I'm feeling it now
I'm feeling so nice
(So what now)
Unless you rich
They gonna think twice
(You know that)
f**ing with me
Might get you right
(Money man)
f**ing with me
I JUUG you twice


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