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30 Roc - Grinded Up A Check lyrics

[Verse 1]
I get straight to the point, I just want some cash
Got too many habits, I spend it fast
Sipping that sh** and we smoking bad
Girl I'm like always down to my last
Keep it 1000 with all my people
Call me, I got it, that's if you need it
Yeah she look decent but she deceiving
Figured it's cheaper for you to keep
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Saving this cheese like n***as sleep
Lito been heated like he been beefing, just been beefing
My haters are paper, they both increase
Making them faces, [?] me

Grinded up a check, naw they don't like that
Yeah I f**ed that b**h but I wouldn't wife that
Change up for the fame, no I ain't with that
I just came here for my change, just let me get that

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