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30 Roc - Digg It lyrics

[Pre Hook]
Diamonds shinin' like a christmas tree
All my b**hes say they sick of me
f** these n***as, ain't no sympathy
Bunch of chains on like Mr. T
Me and your b**h got good chemistry
You lil' n***as is some Mini-Mes
Pull up with heavy artillery
Everybody leavin' with injuries

Can you digg it, digg it, digg it, digg it? (x4)

[Verse 1]
b**hes kissing, that's my cup of tea
Two is cool, but three's a company
Diamonds yellow like a bumblebee
Ashton Kutcher, ain't no punking me
Presidential Rollie, gold oyster
Got your b**h f**ing in the foyer
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Cause I'm on the radio like Tom Joyner
Plus I'm legendary like I'm Tom Sawyer
Fresh black pair of Cortez
Pockets looking like they corn fed
VVs shinin', playin' peekaboo
f** your b**h and pull a switcharoo
Had to kick the bird out the chicken coupe
All my b**hes come with warranties
Swiping lean at the pharmacy
Jugging drinks, grand larceny
Ball like Marcus Camby, word to my granny
Gold chain o' Xannies, running with the jammy
Selling n***as whammies, turn up for my family
Lean taste like candy, swear it comes in handy
Can you digg it n***a? Is you with it n***a?
If he start tripping, f** it, lynch the n***a
Pull up in a Bentley in some slippers n***a
On you old p**y, sweet McGriddle n***as

[Pre Hook] + [Hook]

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