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2piece - THirTy cLip ii (30 Clip 2) lyrics

[Joey Trap]
I gotta 30 clip
Pull up in that rental boy I'm stuntin
You unworthy bitch
Threw that Bitch a Hunnid
Sike I'm kidding she a dirty bitch
My bitch Rhi Rhi
She work work work work work work work
Lookin at my tv that shit flatscreen plasma shit I'm 18
Go ain't no space
Get that bitch out my face aye
Woah on my wrist
Foriegn whip boy lets race

I got my benjis up OOH
I got my benjis up ooh
I got a forgiegn bitch
You Watchin porn hub

[Joey Trap Chorus]
I got a
I got a
I got a thirty clip
I got a
I got a
I got a thirty clip
I got a
I got a
I got a thirty clip

Boy my name is Joey bet yo gf know me
Got coke on my Rolie you would think it's snowing
I just fucked that bitch
Catch me in the bando
Scrape the pot with wrist

[Joey Trap Chorus]
I gotta
I gotta
I gotta
I got a 30 clip
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(repeat x2)

[Joey Trap Verse 2]
Wrist sub zero
Long clip limo
Mac my hip no windows
Don't talk shit like
Boy it's simple
You get sliced like kimbo
Case on my tongue. I'm 18,she too young! bitch!
Thot she so thick she don't speak she just lick aye
Suck off my jeans now she true when she screams if she fuck on one my niggas then you know the team Finna pass it to me aye
Recipe I don't need no beat
She suck dick I don't beat my meat
Ima beat the pussy Chris brown lil Reese
Work work work Rihanna my street
Let a nigga run up he gon eat my clip
Giving up her pussy she gon eat my dick
Fuck her in the bathroom at the party then I dip
I caught a body and all I got is pink slips like hey
I hit the lick with no seasons aye
It's actually salt but no sweetened
I am kloud God not a demon
Talking that shit on my block boy that's treason mm
Case case case face
Yo auntie wan add me on my space
Sushi I'm wet like the Thai place
I swear Ima jet like a fly race
Lean I spilt
Talk shit get killt
Wrist on tilt
Yo bitch need milk
Fuck like twice then I hadda say bye bye
Hennessy with enemies I think I'm in a drive by
Ooh x4
[Joey Trap Chorus]

I got a thirty clip
I got a thirty clip
I got a thirty clip
I got a thirty what

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