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2piece - Fire It Up Remix lyrics

[Verse 1: Flowman]

Feeling' so damn clean now, I don't even see how
It took 'em so long, now these haters wanna be down
So Independent Click, yeah, you know we in this b**h
I f**s wit Uncle Benjamin, he always with me in a sense
Hoes claim they innocent, but I can never trust a chick
Guilty 'til otherwise; until that time, s** a dick
They say I sound misogynist - baby, I'm economist
Money over hoes everyday, so shawty, drop the sh**
I put in overtime (Whoo!!) money-making' optimized
Yeah, I'm in THE Geek Squad, but Flowman ain't no nerdy guy
Certified, A+, headed for the top spot
Next Day Delivery, Express shipping, NON-STOP
I heard you mad - Oh well! Go back and get ya dope sales!
I'm in the suburbs living' good - so no, I don't care!
f**in' wit them white folk done got me in the right boat
Buy them boys a round a liquor and now my squad in fight mode!

[Hook: Flowman]

People wanna judge me but they don't know what they talk about
Best for y'all to walk it out - b**h, understand I'm ballin' now
I'm all about getting' gwap; I can tell you really not
Watch me light a flame to this track and show you REALLY hot

Fire it up, fire it up, you know I fire it up, fire it up, fire it up
You know I, you know I...
(Repeat 4x)

[Verse 2: 2 Piece]

Heat these rappers up, b**h I got my belly full
Swisher looking' stuffed and you know it's smellyful
Yeah, I blow that bombay, cocky as five Kanyes
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I probably hit ya mama - I'm feeling' like Delonte
Serve her like an entree then get back to the studie
They feening for my music cause you other n***as booty
I try to keep it coolie but I gotta keep a toolie
And as soon as sh** get foolie I'mma shoot it like a movie!
I forget about these n***as you would think I'm on these rufies
I gotta handle business, I ain't thinkin' bout no floozy
Every beat I take a dookie, I should change my name to stoolie
And I'm always with my dog like Stewie - Bougie!!!
b**hes get no play time cause I don't have no play time
I hope you heard the news through the grapevine
Broadcast like Dateline and my flow's sharp like steak knives
f** you mean we don't stay live?! (Heeyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!)

[Hook: Flowman]

[Verse 3: Flowman]

Balling when I touch down, like D-Dub, I'm swagged up
I don't really give a f**, drank poured off in my lean cup
G'd up, all these rappers really wanna be us
So f**ing Flowtastic, shawty, watch me re-up!
Rappers better D-up ‘cause now I got my greed up
Taking everything you own ‘cause I don't rap for free, bruh!
People think I'm arrogant, but there is no comparison
To wack local rappers wit the swagger of a mannequin
All I hear is y'all talk, I'm never seeing' y'all walk
Keep hoping that I fall off when y'all ain't ever fell on
I'ma get my sell on, treat music as a tell-all
End-all-be-all, so high I cannot see y'all
You n***as think I need y'all; used to wanna be y'all
But I no longer think small; ratchet rappers be gone!
So sick, Flowman, Independent, know it's in my heart to get it
Always representing until I'm f**ing finished!

[Hook: Flowman]

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