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2pac - Trust Nobody(Prod. By MizzyBeatZ) lyrics

Produced By: MizzyBeatZ
2Pac Sample
Verse: J-$k**z
First They Love You, Then They Hate You, Then They Love You Again
This Games A Cycle That Never Ends
When Your Up, Everything Is Everything
Everyone Wants To Come Around,Show You Love And Give You "Daps", Swear Their Down
Then Your Down And Their No Where To Be Found, Hide And Seek Friends
"Hide" When Your Broke, "Seek" When Your Eatin', Thats The sh** I Don't Like
"Fair Weathered" Mother f**ers
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I Know Your Not Built For The Bad Weather, That's Why I Don't Expect You To Walk Thru Success Door
Anytime Soon, Middle Fingers To The Backstabbers Too, Try To f** Me Over And Watch How Fast I'll Flip It On You, Way Too Intelligent To Be Fooled
By The "Harvey-Dents Two-Faced Rules"
I Bet We All Love To Win, And Hate To Lose That's Why I Gotta Be Careful
Who I Let Close To Me
Trust Is The Easiest Thing To Break
And Hardest Thing To Gain
Watch What You Do And Say
But Like They Say "You Can't Please Everybody" So Do Your Best To Please The Ones You Can

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