2pac - Ready for War lyrics

Ready for War lyrics


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50 cent I say I run it (run it) cause I'm in control Hypnotic, Hennessey, a couple shots of Patron I have you feeling aight, I get you high as a kite Party popping shawty says she coming with me tonight I ain't shoulder leaning, I ain't snapping and popping Either I'm bobbin ma head or I'm just standing their watching I'm a hustler I hustle, you can tell that I'm paid And I protect what I got, I'm in the house with my blade n***a you front you gone get it, OK now maybe I said it Cause I want you to triddy, yeah I be on that sh**ty You should see when I'm stunting, I flash the stones to be wanting Push the whip, see me rolling, you can tell that I'm holding I'm just doing ma thang, you know the Units the game I got my grimy Shady with me you front you gonna have to get me off your a** I pay the lawsuit and laugh (haha) It's not a big deal it's nothing but some cash (Who run it) Eminem Capture the rage of today's youth and bottle it Crush the gla** from my bare hands and swallow it Then spit it back in the faces of you racists And hypocrites who think the same sh** but don't say sh** You Liberace's, Versace's, and you nazis Watch me, cause you thinking you got me in this hot seat You motherf**ers wanna JUDGE me cause you're NOT me You'll never STOP me, I'm TOP speed as you POP me I came to save these new generations of babies From parents who failed to raise 'em cause they're lazy To grow to praise me I'm makin 'em go crazy That's how I got this whole nation to embrace me And you fugazi if you think I'ma admit wrong I cripple any hypocritic critic I'm sic'd on And this song is for any kid who gets picked on A sick song to retaliate to, and it's called.. This kind of music, use it, and you get amped to do sh** Whenever you hear some sh** and you can't refuse it It's just some sh**, for these kids, to trash they rooms with Just refuse whenever they asked to do sh** The type of sh** that you don't have to ask who produced it You just know - that's the new sh** The type of sh** that causes ma** confusion And drastic movement of people actin stupid. Its figth music Dr.Dre Yeah, yo let`s bring it n***as is so gangsta, n***as is thugs n***as'll spend their whole life peddlin d** Slanging dope in hopes of one day bein able To own their own label and give the game up Some n***as came up, some just didn't That's just the way it is, if it ain't meant it, it just isn't Some n***as'll get money and pay n***as to back em So they can act up, feel comfortable, and rap tough And that's as backwards, cuz them n***as just gone keep coming back And that's when extortion happens You struggle to get free, I know how this sh** be You deal with anything to live legitimately But you gone find if you do get in this industry It's best to be business with me than against me n***as get behind mics and ain't even MC's n***as get on MTV just to diss me This sh** don't even piss me off I'm laughin all the way to the bank Watchin the satellite from a Bentley You n***as don't even got a car You're so far under my radar I don't even know who the f** you are To tell you to s** my dick while I'm pissin I don't even listen to your sh** to know who the f** I'm dissin The media just feeds into these feuds Tryin to add fuel to the fire. This little n***a, Ja Rule Talking bout he's gonna slap me. n***a please You gotta jump and swing up to hit me in the knees I laugh at these magazines when they interview em All they doin is making fake threats to us through em And p**y you're not Pac, I knew em Pac was a real n***a, you just a f**in insult to em It's too bad we had to fallout before he pa**es If he could see this sh** now, he'd be whoopin your a** You're talkin to a pioneer who engineered this sh** for 19 years Who you got in your ear? I don't even gotta say it, the fans know Quit tryin to be tough, n***a, you look like a a**hole 2Pac Make it happen My rappin' is similar to muthaf**ers when they scrappin' Blast and watch em' back up Notorious biggie k**er, affiliation with d**h row n***as get their caps pealed back, fool this the west coast b**h you misdemeanor I'm raisin hell like felonies Mr. Makaveli straight outta jail to sellin' these Intoxicated we duplicated but never faded Now that we made it my adversaries is player hatin' Got a Mercedes for these tricks, that thought I quit Then got a drop top Jag for these b**hes that's on my dick Go to a club in a pack, I'm smokin' bud in the back I wait for n***as to trip, cause b**h I love to scrap Now mama raised me as a thug n***a, with love n***as I'm a millionaire started as a drug dealer I went from rocks to zines, writing raps and movies I went from trustin' these tricks now they all want to sue me So f** em' all

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