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2pac & Outlawz - High Speed lyrics

I speak
For all my niggas livin' in the rush
Slow it down just a notch baby
It's goin' be alright, it's goin' be alright Life in High Speed
Fuck the punishment, tie weed
I gonna buy me a gun
Fuck doin' time I live life High Speed
Slightly disillusioned by weed
I breed thug muthafuckas even worse than me
When I bleed, my enemies best to flee quickly, on me
My army, niggas deceive swiftly
Look at you now, why you want to hang out?
I pull the hammer back
Strike wit' a cannon and blow your muthafuckin' back out
They blast but I'm still standin'
Slightly scarred deep
Questions for the lord, why he don't like me, guard my soul
Though my life was hard with no remorse
I absorb bomb less it's without protection for the boss
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Rollin' in my double, raw, rugged, and ruthless
Keep a vest through these hard times, knowin' it's useless
And my crew, who could should be mistaken for Jews
We all about our past, blast if he break the rules
Fools done snitched for the D.A., be heaven sent
Switched like a stone-bitch, turned str8 severed then, why?
Then they wonder why niggas die
Put your family in danger just to get high
Now, what the hell can we get from jail?
More tricks for the crime rate, this is hell
Bail out, a thug nigga fresh out the jail house
Open your safe count and take all your mail out
Whatever happens happens
Whoever falls dies
We fresh out of time, livin' blind, so we all ride
In times like these, chronic and tie weed
Puffin' through these High Speedz
And people say Whatcha gonna do when you get outta jail?
I'm gonna buy me a g

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