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2pac & Outlawz - 2Pac - Cypher 1 lyrics

[Verse 1: DJ Chop Up as 2Pac]
Check the record
2Pac about to wreck sh**
Check sh**
Buck buck if a n***a said sh**
Don't say sh**, I'm a motherf**ing k**er
Ain't no motherf**er realer
And you don't want to go to war with a n***as quick to blaze a punk
I give a f** about you n***as fool, say what's up n***a?
You don't wanna do that. (Why?) (Tell 'em!)
Guess who's back?
Makaveli b**h
Got a b**h on FaceBook
Check my iPhone
She wanna straight hook
Bust a nut, and I'm out
Heading for my n***a Chop
Get my drink popping
There's no other DJ that can mix Pac
So, get ready to f** sh** up, rock sh** up
Get ready to chop sh** up
And if you've never heard of me
Motherf**er, you can't murder me

[Verse 2: Yukmouth]
Tre deuce in a H2 with the fifth wheel
On spin wheels that keep spinnin' like windmills
Nothing like my deal, it's worth 10 mil
Rose gold (?) masterpiece on the Benz wheel
I send chills
A poked spine, it's show time like Murphy
A pro bowl jersey, rolling with 30 birdies n***a
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Yukmouth early, I'm in the building like Mr Flurry and Jack (?)
Trip a clap yap crack n***as
The crack dealer that was forced to rhyme
Live on the borderline, I get more time than haryoso
I'm living and wrecking your stereo, your boombox
Video Jukebox, west side like 2Pac
Oh god no, yuk and game
Puff blunts in the rain
Get nothing but brain
Get loose in the booth
Spit nothing but flame
Rap is nothing but lames
Getting f**ed in the games

[Verse 3: Game]
Act like I won't run in your hotel
Leave you bleeding on that couch in front of your kid
I'm a gangster living the California dream
Six seven gla** house, avacado green
They think I'm don Juan when I roll up
But n***as get spooked when they don't see Snoop
It's your friendly g**ner, chain hanger
Outlawz in the chain, uh, 4 in the chamber
We still banging for Pac, the lost angel
I'm Ready To Die, bust shots for B.I
But off the murder rap I keep it P.I
2 hood rats from the East Side
Call that boy G-Fried
I move heavy D and the girls
The girls they love me, n***a but don't call me Heavy D
Call me the n***a that makes them chicks remix them kicks
Air Ones the color of crips

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