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(??) ???? ??? (April 2nd)

(A$AP Nast

(BPL) Lil Pezzy & Ben Gee


(DollarMan (A.K.D)

(Don't Take Her) She's All I Got

(Don't Wanna) Live for a Living


(Ghost) Riders in the Sky

(Girl We Got A) Good Thing

(I Don't Want To Love You But) You Got Me Anyway

(IV. Beatz)


(K-BOYZ) Daryll Carillo, Fidel Cascabel, Joseph Teves


(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave

(Me Llamo) Sebastin


(Pirate) Dan the Malformed


(Prod. @Mubz Beats)

(Prod. By Andre.On.Beat)

(Prod. By Classixs Beatz)

(Prod. By Iamsu Of The Invasion)

(Prod. By J-Louis)

(Prod. By Jordeaux)

(Prod. Danny E.B)

(Prod. Itchy&Buco)

(Prod. KiD TRAViS)

(Prod. Mr Boss)

(Prod. OfficialStreetEmpire)

(Prod. Ricky Vela)

(Prod. by 3D & Skioffi)

(Prod. by Kuya Beats Of The Invasion)

(Prod. by P-Lo Of The Invasion)

(Produced by General Beatz)

(Produced by Nujabes)





(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay

(So Long) Since I Felt This Way


(We Are) Nexus

(add. Jean Philippe Louis)

(aka NeXTGeN)


(blr), Revelation

(brazil), Agressor

(brazil), Dragonheart

(canada), Subhumans

(colombia), Infernal

(fallen Angels Cry Twice), F.a.c.t.

(fin), Pest

(germany), Eternity

(hed) P.e.

(hungary), Stonehenge

(international) Noise Conspiracy, The

(italy), Deliverance


(poland), Massemord

(prod. by Beatbrothers)

(romania), Avatar

(russia), Absurd

(sweden), Allegiance

(tv Series), Fame

(u.s.a.), Dusk

(u.s.a.), Solstice

(uk), Dragonheart

(uk), Ragnarok

(ukraine), Castrum

(ukraine), Infected

(us), Beloved

(usa), Disgorge

(usa), Embraced

(usa), Pentagram

(usa), Scythe

*Ghost* & Ornella Vanoni


*eViL kNiGhT*

*imaad majeed







+Red+ (rap)