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One of the unsung heroes of 1970s soul/rock, Aalon Butler deserved to become as famous as Sly & the Family Stone, War, Parliament/Funkadelic or the Isley Brothers. But sadly, the vast majority of R&B lovers are completely unfamiliar with the rock-flavored soul and funk that he recorded for Arista in the late 1970s. A native of Los Angeles, the singer, songwriter and guitarist played with Eric Burdon (of War and the Animals fame) in the mid-'70s before forming his own band, Aalon. Signing with Arista, Aalon recorded its outstanding debut album, Cream City, in 1977. The LP should have made Butler a superstar, and the fact is that if justice had prevailed, he would have become as big as Prince or Rick James would become. But Cream City was far from a mega-hit. Although Aalon continued to play around L.A. in the late 1970s, the band never recorded a second album. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide