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21 Savage - Wow lyrics

[Hook: 21 Savage]
Wow x16
I just pulled up in a wow (wow)
Then I pulled off in a wow (wow)
Hit your bitch up in a wow (wow)
Then she suck me up like wow (wow)
21, wow x7

Thumbing through that check wow (wow)
Thumbing through that shit like wow (ow)
I just spent that shit like wow (wow)
Then I got it back like wow (wow)

[Verse 1: 21 Savage]
I just fucked your bitch like wow (wow)
Let me nut all on her blouse (blouse)
Twenty thousand wow (wow)
Fifty thousand wow (wow wow)
Pull up on your pussy ass and drop the window Bloah (Bloah)
Bitch you know I'm high, you know I be high
Why you pouring all that codeine in that sprite, why (21)
Xanax bars, percocets, and lortabs, why (21)
All these damn drugs make me feel like I can fly (yeah)
Bitch my name ain't Plies, I dare a nigga to try (21 21)
I told that bitch keep it pushing cause her pussy dry (21)
I'm slaughter gang bitch your hair smell like old fries (bitch)
In my pocket I got none but them old guys (lil' bitch)
Stankin' ass bitch, You know I do this shit 21 (21)


[Verse 2: 21 Savage]
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Skrt, Skrt, Skrt, Skrt
Got it right back (21)
Fucked your hoe then I gave that bitch right back (What)
Ran off with your money told you I be right back (What)
You pull down in the wrong 'partments with that nice check (21)
Young savage on that slaughter gang shit(shit, shit)
All my niggas on that slaughter gang shit (Slaughter your daughter)
Slaughter your daughter and slaughter your bitch and then slaughter your clique (21 21)
Pull up in the 'parments with that jewelry you get hit (Ploah)
I got a stripper but I call that bitch a dancer (a dancer)
Man these bitches got no standards (no standards)
Broke ass bitch I heard you getting [?]
And Young savage in this bitch hey roll that gas up (hey roll that gas up)
I'm trapping, capping, niggas still getting guap (guap)
She licking, spitting, lick all on the cock (the cock)
I pull up to valet and then I drop the top (21)
If you wanna ride with me you gotta be topless

[Bridge: 21 Savage]
Shawty gonna turn it around and drop it to the floor
Nigga like whoa (got a nigga like whoa)
Got a nigga like whoa (She got a nigga like whoa)
Like wow (like wow)
She turn around and had me like wow (like wow)
I'm throwing ones nigga like wow
Ten thousand like wow (like wow)
Another ten like wow (like wow)
She had a nigga like wow (she had a nigga like wow)
God damn baby wow
Wow, wow, wow, wow
Wow, wow


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