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21 Savage - No Peace lyrics

Whippin the work b**h
Slaughter gang murk sh**
We pull up and hurt sh**
I shoot like Stephen curry
I keep me a 30
My rifles be dirty
She s** like its no teeth [x2]
I'm with Adobe
I got that dope D
I ball like I'm Kobe
I shoot like ginobli
These n***as the police
I don't want no peace
I'm ready to nose bleed
No trusting these hoes freaks

21 gang in this b**h
You n***as is lame in this b**h
We might f** yo mane in this b**h
We might run a train on that b**h
I'm slaughter gang serving so what?
Slaughter gang pull up with what
30 round n***a duck
30 mo' n***a duck
50 round drum on that what
100 round drum on that what
She s** it and lick it back up
I pull out and nut on her butt
I do not talk to no cops
b**h I came straight from the block
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She think that I'm dumb but I'm not
I know that this b**h is a Thot
Water diamonds like a yatch
I'm on a yatch gettin top
You play with the game you get shot
You think it's a game but it's not
50 karrots on my watch
Since I was young I loved Glocks
Since I was young I loved pots
b**h I'm thuggin like I'm Pac


I'm still on my sh** lil n***a
Still a get hit lil n***a
My n***as get Rich off n***a
They callin me hit lil n***a
I heard you a b**h lil n***a
You ain't shot sh** lil n***a
You ain't with the sh** lil n***a
I used to hit licks lil n***a
I'm tryna take care of the fam
Backwood full of grams
Young savage b**h,yeah I'm average sh**
Hunnit thousand vacuume sealed rubber band this sh**
I'm extravagant I ain't with that average sh**
Pull up hanging out the window and I'm clappin sh**
Ask my momma n***a I'm wit it I ain't just rappin sh**
I'm rappin sh**, Gang banging sh**
How the f** is you my ex when I ain't claimin sh**?


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