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21 Savage - Help Me lyrics

Help me, can you help me?
I got fifty bags of gas, can you help me?
I just cooked another brick, can you help me?
Help me, can you help me?
I pulled up in a Fisker then I pulled off in a Tesla
Thought this shit was sweet, I left his ass on a stretcher
I don't catch feelings, I'm too busy catching Deltas

[Verse 1]
Pull up in the trenches, pull up in the trenches!
I said that shit on woe, dog
I got the juice like O-Dog
I got 'caine like I'm Kane
Me and Lotto in that fucking Fisker switching lanes
Pull up on a pussy nigga and fuck on his main
I just spent a fifty-thousand dollars on a chain
I just spent a twenty on a motherfucking ring
Young Savage bitch, I got this shit off cocaine
Skrt, skrt, skrt
Pull up on your bitch and give her that skrr
Pull up on your bitch and drop that work
Yeah, and I'm still getting paid
Bitches getting slaughtered, man these bitches getting slayed
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Keep that Glock 40, dare a nigga to touch my chain
I shoot this motherfucker like my name Max Payne


[Verse 2]
I'm a dog like Michael Vick
I used to sell them Michael Vicks
I can't even lie, I ain't never sold a brick
But I got some partners who done really sold them bricks
Young Savage bitch and I done really hit them licks
I really put that pistol on these pussy nigga's shit
Run up on a nigga, better take a nigga shit
If your diamond's hitting you could take a nigga bitch
I hit four hundred and went a bought a 'vette
Your diamonds so cloudy, who the fuck sold you that shit?
You know damn well don't no Rolex fucking tick
Get your motherfucking money up nigga, try again nigga, 21
Oil based dope, I gotta try again
Dope got wet, it gotta dry again
Pussy ass rappers telling lies again
Pussy ass, bitch ass fuck boy


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