21 Savage - Way You Are (King Zoo) lyrics

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21 Savage - Way You Are (King Zoo) lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, Zoovie, King Zoo [Verse 1: Fetty Wap] King Zoo, I got the gang in this b**h .223s in the clip, try the gang he get hit Yeah I just pulled up the to stain with the stick Yeah, walking around with thigh pads, b**h I'm rich Yeah, feeling like I'm Rick James in this b**h Yeah, I'ma let my chain hang in this b**h Yeah, ain't gonna take a damn thing in this b**h Yeah, and I just might make it rain for a b**h Yeah, he'll do anything for a b**h Yeah, she'll do anything that Zoovie tell her Yeah, I told her hit the plug like he in (?) Yeah, he ain't know its angel dust what he inhalin' Yeah, get caught with the stick cause he a felon Yeah, and that 1055, I bought 11 Yeah, we just the damn lick so we up, huh Yeah, we jumping out of vans, better duck, huh Yeah, tryna s** me in the Benz before we f**, huh And you a nasty lil b**h, don't give a f**, huh Now you and your nasty lil friends getting f**ed, huh And black and mild a** n***as leave you stuck, huh Yeah, said the f** with you, they don't give a f**, huh And n***as run on Zoovie getting bust, huh Yeah, it's either them or it's us, huh Yeah, got it coming off the truck, huh And lately I've been having luck, huh Yeah, remember having to take the bus, huh Now I can buy a f**ing bus, huh Yeah, money coming by the sh** load, huh I put the molly in her sh** hole, huh And watch it light up like a disco, huh And she be all over the dick though, huh And she everywhere this dick go, huh I think I'm bout to let this b**h know, huh I think I'm bout to let this b**h go, huh Zoovie Zoo, I got a bankroll, huh Papa Smurf, blue bands n***a [Verse 2: 21 Savage] Woah, lotta motherf**ing blue cheese Woah, lotta motherf**ing .223s Woah, chopper kicking like Bruce Lee Woah, want a verse n***a call key Woah, Young Savage got that Fetty Wap Woah, Young Savage got a lot of Glocks Woah, Young Savage scraped a lot of pots Woah, Young Savage get your a** shot Woah, and I'm bringing gangster rap back Ain't no raps in my backpack No, I got a Mac in my backpack I pull this f**er out you better back back Woah, 100 round drum in that sh**, n***a Woah, 100 round drum in your b**h, n***a Woah, pull up at you n***as spot, huh Woah, you n***as running from the cops, huh? Looking for me? I'm in Zone 6 You n***as know that you ain't own sh** You lil dick jumping n***a, you can't clone this Every b**h in the city wanna jump on this Uh, stick sweeping like a broom stick 21, 21, 21, my Metro used to boom b**h I hit your sister, you were sleeping in the room b**h I woulda bust you if you came out on that goon sh** [Outro] Skrt-skrt-skrt, skrt-skrt-skrt

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