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20Some - Jenny Freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1 : OG Bear]
Come and think about it
I never really had a job
How I used to rap about the things I used to rap about
Wake up in the morning still no difference from another couch
Meet up with the homies drinking 40s 'til the sun is out
High was no problem driving was no problem
Driving with no licence in a borrowed Silverado
Only for a couple hours thought cause then we had to let it go
Smoke up in a parking lot
February f**ing cold
Henny in my f**ing coat
Jenny on the f**ing phone
Money always on the mind so I had to let her go
She just sees me where I want
Cause you never see me right
Think he's hanging with the [?]
66 with the pair of ones
Bought an extra pair of ones and moved out of my mama house
Drunkin since I got arrested
Things I really talk about
Touring over Europe, those are things I never thought about
Do or die without a doubt
I guess time will tell if we run out of adderall
I guess time will tell if we run out of adderall

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[Verse 2 : 20Some]
I guess time will tell
If I was right or wrong
Chu dans ma chambre d'hôtel un millier miles away from home
Look where it got us
Asteur I'm on the trone baby
Tout c'que j'voulais vraiment c'était juste le style on the phone
And I thought she was cool
Meet me after school baby
And she thought I was cool pour un silver spoon baby
Mais j'sais pas trop j'étais fed up sans raison particulière
On a daily on them psychedelics d** pour bend la cuillère
And that's about the time on c'était mis out pour pa**er l'hiver
On a pu rien à c'dire c'est triste c'est comme si on c'était vu hier
C'est every day the same on charie nos silhouettes
En attendant la psychose qui nous guette
Back against the wall little something so we meet up at the mall
On c'rama**e au quatrième parce que j'connais tous les angles morts
Wigga à force de run away tu connais toutes les f**ing night outs
Running from the cops on c'était fait cut [?]
Printemps 2004 j'rock un boss [?]
J'rap les Ten Crack Commandements pis les 9 verses de Triumph
On fantasmait cette vie là, in fact j'étais un peu naïf
J'te raconte ça maintenant c'est sure j'suis bias
Cla**ic rights the richest
Started from the bottom ask them b**hes
On est parti à zéro then add a digit admit it
It's funny maintenant comment les moments d'ennuies t'intéresse
So might just rentabiliser ma détresse
And baby I'ma ca$h on it!

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