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20Some - Friday Night lyrics

[Verse 1 :O.G. Bear]

Last line until the club dies, one last ___ until the sun rises
White wine, imported sungla**es
Couple white brides ain't what we all after?
So what was all that for? I wish we all high!
Cause if you ain't the way I do, you living a lie
Living a lie (x7)
Just live and let die
Live and let die, live and let die, 007 that's live and let die
No way they gon' let me into Heaven when I…


I go out on a Friday night
[Lyrics from: https:/]
(And I don't know why)
I come home on a Saturday morning

[Verse 2 : Yes Mccan]

b**hes don't mean nothin'
They don't mean sh**, they don't mean nada
Louis, Michael Kors ou Prada
I don't give a f**, bwitch, j'suis pas ton papa
I go hard in that paint, they tryna' catch me ridin' dirty su'a Main
Cuz I been up, I been down/ J'ai fais toute le tour du Downtown
I been low, I been up! I done been mississippin' in the truck
And I listened to that Big, Pac, Nate, Pun, Aliyah, Left Eye
Cuz « Age Ain't Nothing but a Number » when I…


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