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1997 - Droppin' Dimes lyrics

Home wrecked, house bought
Daddy needs a new start
Good friend to girlfriend
Goodbye, your bags are packed Thanksgiving weekend
Mom's on the phone, she's crying
Who's that and what's wrong? Where's dad? He's not home
"How are you?" he asks
"I'm not bad, I guess" I'm dropping dimes and I'm bearing knuckles
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You fight for me but I'm hardly worth it So dad, how's the new house?
Bet it's nice with no kids around
Mom's busy, she's been working late
Since your last check never came I'm glad for the raise and the move south
'Cause I'd rather spend your money
Than spend my time with you
What do you want me to say? I'll make it all up if it makes you feel better
I'll make it all up for you

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