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1984 - Broken mirrors lyrics

[Verse 1: Tony Medina]
I thought I found real love
Until she left away
Now I'm sittin in my room
Trynna focus a the day
Why does everything good
Gotta come to an end
She coulda been my Barbie an I coulda been her Ken
She was perfect
Supported a nigga when he ain't shit
Walked ten miles just to get me some ass quick
Mean while
Liquor all I can see now
They say I got problems
I just say I'm save in yal life
Plus these days I'm just livin in a broad light
Ambitions of master mind
To change the world wit one right
An a left
Cause you kno I never follow rules
They made to be broken
An my heart is in a lampoon
Upper west side flyin on da highway
Thinking that I have a destination
But this minds dazed
Got me thinking what it coulda been
An How I see it
Before you left I tryed to give every thang
A house , two kids an a fucken wedding rang
I kno wasn't perfect
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An you had a couple dark sides
But what's love wit no problems we can work it
You say you had suspicion
An you hearing thing word if mouth
Like who I'm wit
When I say I'm in da studio
You know I wasn't fuckin dem hoes
I'll be back soon
I love you like my mom
Protect you like my sister
Ya friends said I'm no good
On a memo
And I missed it
Cause only god knows the type of shit that I been thru
Livin in a broken home
An following deception
You thought you had the plan
To follow and correct it
I alway said
I am nothin like my father
An you guessed it
But stearin In the mirror
I am just a image
They tryed to tell me long ago
A nigga didn't hear it
Maybe It was The Facts
That a nigga really feared it
In terms of the wrong road
An sittin up in jail
I promise I will change your mind and only time can tell
Damn cause only time will tell

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