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100 Demons - Destiny Never Came lyrics

I wasn't meant to be, no one sent for me.
Always told I was something more.
This destiny will destroy me.
Been rotting to the core.
Never once did I care of the plans that were made.
Never once did I cry at the end, or at my grave.
They pushed and pushed till I would bleed.
Not even once did I agree to all the sh** they fed me.
Could never make a man succeed.
And I screamed, and I did shout.
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They chewed me up and spit me out.
But here I stand with broken hands.
Pounding on the walls of f**ing destiny.
f** your destiny.
f** your golden child.
f** your women and children.
f** you and die.
f** your plans for me.
Oh can't you see I never wanted a part of this sh** that you have planned for me.
Destiny never came.

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