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10,000 Marbles - A Slanted Tone lyrics

His voice in the sky is the sound that you hear
His timbre is dim and his motives aren't clear
Why does the prophet above have so much to fear?
Things aren't always the way that they appear

He's a horn with a slanted tone
He's the back without the bone
The king sits on a crooked throne
Stuck inside the story alone

When he raised a trumpet to his mouth
The sound of every voice tumbled out
When he stretched the canvas (?) to the frame
He painted everyone with the same brush

He tells the whole story by a string
He tells the choir when to sing
He's a shadow in the sky


His description of the truth has pages torn
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His inscription of roses just the thorns
His scripture is ripped by the back of his hand
The scribe's wish is the subject's command


(Repeat 2nd & 3rd verses)

I've witnessed things I never thought I'd see
There's a darkness now I could not foresee
An innocent man resigned to a plea

A company in captivity by a narrator's desire
To be free from the confines of an honest story

It all seems so real now between you and me
There's a light at the end of the tale you see
To the way things are now
Aren't the way they'll always be

How can I let them know, the truth about Octavio?
That he was lying all along
Don't trust the words you hear in a song

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